Student Opportunity Saver

Experience your own dedicated insurance specialist with the expertise to support your financial future.

Guardian Insurance made personal

Experience your own dedicated insurance specialist with the expertise to support your family.

Guardian life student opportunity saver gives parents the opportunity to ensure there child’s financial future is secure. Student opportunity saver provides automatic cover for accidental death and in the event of disability your financial goals  are still assured. 

Student saver plans

The Aggressive Fund

This fund maximizes long term capital growth and would invest in assets with a greater potential for capital growth. This fund is for investors with a high tolerance for risk and who seek capital appreciation.

The Moderate Fund

This  fund generates a reasonable rate of return which provides the opportunity for capital growth. The fund is for investors with a moderate toleraqnce for risk. 

The Conservative Fund

This fund invests in assets that aim to preserve investment capital, while generating income. This is recommended for investors with a low tolerance for risk.

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Insurance with Guardian Life

Home Insurance

Guardian Life home insurance is more than quality coverage for your space its coverage for your assets. Get home insurance built to protect your home.

Medical Insurance

At Guardian Life we’re all about supporting better health. Better health for individuals, couples and families. Find health insurance that’s right for you.

Life Insurance

Guardian life insurance means providing  your family with financial assistance if you pass away. Get a  hassle free life insurance quote today.


The monthly and annual premium of each person will differ because it depends on their
financial needs, their health and life style status and their ability to pay.

Life insurance (The moment you sign up to $500,000 automatic coverage) Critical illness
insurance – coverage is paid after 3months.

If a client withholds information during the application process, the claim can be denied due

Smoking and Illicit drug use

Your policy would still be enforced. Premiums not paid for three (3) months, then have a 30day grace period before lapsing.

If the plan is NOT a term policy, it will accumulate cash values after three years or one year depending on the type of policy you have.

You will still have coverage as long as you continue paying for it.

A change of beneficiary form needs to be done.


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