Guardian Commercial Insurance

Experience your own dedicated insurance specialist with the expertise to support your business.

Guardian Commercial Insurance

Experience your own dedicated insurance specialist with the expertise to support your business.

Helping to protect your business and your customers

The Ria Murray Payne’s unit offers Guardian General’s business insurance policies with a  comprehensive portfolio of property and casualty insurance products including: Fire and Perils, Liability Insurance and many more.

Commercial Insurance that covers all your needs

Fire and Perils Insurance

This insurance policy is primarily used to insure the physical assets of commercial businesses and charitable organization. Our Fire and Peril Insurance insure against Fire, Explosion, Earthquakes, Hurricane, Flood and much more. Give us a call at 1-868-383-1777 to find out more.

Commercial Property All Risk

Commercial Property All Risk insurance policy covers all the perils our Fire and Perils policy does ( Fire, Explosion, Earthquakes, Hurricane etc). In addition to that Commercial Property all risk policy also covers burglary and other types of accidental damage subject to certain exclusions.

Business Interruption

What’s the main purpose of any business? It’s to make a profit, therefore business owners should be interested in protecting their profits when a loss occurs. Guardian General’s Business Insurance policy covers the loss of profits following an interruption to the business when a loss or damage occurs.

Flexi Office Package

The Flexi Office Package affords not only the wildest scope of cover in respect of office contents, but it also provides under one policy the various classes of insurance that are so often required by an office. This package includes (Fire and Perils, Public Liability, Money Loss of income, Burglary and accidental Damage and much more. Reach out to us at 1-868-383-1777 to find out more.

Workmen's Compensation

Workers Compensation provides compensation to employees who suffer job related injuries and illnesses. This policy is designed to protect the employer against to employees in respect of injuries and illneeses suffered by them in the course of their employment.

Public Liability Insurance

Our Public Liability Insurance goal is to protect  you in the event that you accidentally injure someone or damage their property, Get a quote now, or give us a call at 1-868-383-1777.

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Insurance with Guardian Life

Home Insurance

Guardian Life Home Insurance is more than quality coverage for your space its coverage for your assets. Get home insurance built to protect your home.

Medical Insurance

At Guardian Life we’re all about supporting better health. Better health for individuals, couples and families. Find health insurance that’s right for you.

Life Insurance

Guardian Life Insurance means providing your family with financial assistance if you pass away. Get a simple and hassle free life insurance quote today.


The monthly and annual premium of each person will differ because it depends on their
financial needs, their health and life style status and their ability to pay.

Life insurance (The moment you sign up to $500,000 automatic coverage) Critical illness
insurance – coverage is paid after 3months.

If a client withholds information during the application process, the claim can be denied due

Smoking and Illicit drug use

Your policy would still be enforced. Premiums not paid for three (3) months, then have a 30day grace period before lapsing.

If the plan is NOT a term policy, it will accumulate cash values after three years or one year depending on the type of policy you have.

You will still have coverage as long as you continue paying for it.

A change of beneficiary form needs to be done.


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Need something more tailored? Talk to a business specialist

Need something more tailored? Talk to a business specialist