4 Benefits of life insurance

To talk about life insurance and the benefits of life insurance I first want you to imagine you are the breadwinner of your family (man or woman, doesn’t matter) healthy and fit. You’re dropping the kids to school, picking them up, coming home, helping your wife or husband cook dinner, tucking the kids into bed then talking to your significant other about the college fund you just started for the kids.

You were the anchor that held the family together, especially on a financial level.

You did a great job raising respectful, well-behaved children. Your spouse loved you and you did the same. You certainly have some regrets in life, as we all do.

But you just have one thing constantly on your mind, should I invest in life insurance? You spoke to an agent and they answered all your questions to your satisfaction. You promised Adrian, the life insurance agent, that you would “get back to you shortly when I have some free time.”

Five months past, one year past and you still haven’t got back to Adrian. Then “BOOM” the one thing that happened that knowone expected you got into a major accident on the Uriah Butler Highway.

Now, as you sit on the cloud looking down at your loved ones, you know you messed up, big time.

Now that you have all the time in the world to sit on the cloud and think about the benefits of life insurance, you start to really get angry at yourself.

You realize how many ways life insurance provides for a family when the breadwinner passes away unexpectedly.

You think about the neighborhood your family will have to move into as the current mortgage is now too expensive.

You think about all the friends your kids will lose on account of having to move to a less safe neighborhood. You realize your kids will lose their favorite sports coaches after your family moves.

You recognize how hard your spouse will have to work, and not be with the kids, simply to maintain a much lower standard of living.

You are shocked when you remember that the college-fund you just started will never be funded.

You are saddened when you think about your wonderful family annual vacations will now be just memories due to lack of money.

You sit on the clouds looking down at those you love and start to weep. This didn’t have to happen. I was smarter than this.

I hurt the people that meant the most to me and for what? The cost of my phone bill?

Now you think back to Adrian and what he said about the…

4 Key Benefits of Life Insurance

Mortgage debt

Life insurance can help your family pay off the mortgage on your home — which is essential if they’ve depended on you to cover the monthly mortgage payments.

College tuition

Whether your children are already in college or it’s years away, it’s crucial to factor in the costs associated with tuition and other educational expenses when choosing a life insurance plan.

End-of-life expenses

Final expense insurance is designed to cover funeral costs and other related expenses, such as cremation, interment, medical bills, and outstanding bills.

Everyday expenses

A life insurance payout can help your family with day-to-day expenses, such as utility and grocery bills, credit card balances, and daycare costs.

Why Life Insurance Is Important

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to investing in life insurance. In fact, we firmly believe it’s one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.

If you’re not sure about what’s the best life insurance for you feel free to contact us.

If you are ready for your next step, please take a moment to use the quote form on our site to begin gathering your life insurance quotes today!


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